Voice the Constitution

We've been holding public readings of the Constitution in bookstores around Boulder and the response has been fantastic. The readings draw a wide range of ideologies. Our first reading drew nine people into a small bookstore in Nederland, Colorado. We each read from the Constitution out loud in turn, and then discussed it. At the end of that reading (which took only an hour), there was a reverent stillness not unlike that which follows a deeply meaningful spiritual experience. Everyone wanted to talk and so our discussion lasted for about thirty minutes.

When it was over, some of the attendees handed me their business cards. A few were active in the Democratic Party and one was (quite literally) a card carrying Conservative/Libertarian. Despite our disagreements regarding specifics, we all came together around this common founding document. The experience was beautiful and the readings that followed that have been as inspiring as the first.

Now, you too can Voice the Constitution© in your neighborhood. We provide all the items you need right here.

Simply download the following:

For additional illumination, you may also want:

This is what we take to our readings. We have been repeatedly astounded at the brilliance of this founding document. It's an easy read and with the additional information provided in the Facilitator's Notes, it is also entertaining and invigorating.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Julian or Janette. Be the first kid on your block to help your neighbors really understand their Constitution! Good Luck and Have Fun.